JEMRIS 2.9.0
open-source MRI simulations
User Interfaces

JEMRIS was developed in C++ to achieve usability as well as performance. It can be used from the command line, where the configuration of the MR-simulation is done via several XML files. Additionally, three Matlab GUIs were developed for interactively designing the MRI sequence, defining the coil configuration, and execution of the simulations, respectively.

All Matlab GUIs follow the same procedure: construct a valid XML file from the user input, then call the external JEMRIS executables to compute the data, and finally read and visualise the result.

     Matlab GUI for MRI sequence design
     Matlab GUI for execution of MRI simulations
     Matlab GUI for layout design of transmit and receive arrays
     Learn how to control jemris for batch submission etc.

Before starting the Matlab GUIs, the directory in which the JEMRIS m-files are located has to be added to the Matlab search path. Use "addpath('<dir>')", where dir=/usr/local/share/jemris/matlab in a standard linux installation.

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